How We Help You To Streamline Your Claims Processes

We harness the power of machine learning to detect and analyze damages in car and cotent images, transforming the way we approach claims inspections. With our advanced detection capabilities, we streamline the process of damage identification, providing accurate, fast, and reliable cost estimations.

API Based

We integrate our API into your claims platform to provide the most optimal results.

Easy to Use

With a simple yet secure authorization scheme, our API is easy and intuitive.

AI-driven Damage Detection

Using machine learning, our API detects damage in pictures with cars and household content and estimates the costs of the claim.

Unparalleled Fraud Detection

We check claims documents for fraud signs with great accurracy and speed. Trained on 50.000 different pictures, we detect when pictures have been altered with software.

In the world of motor and content insurance claims, several recurring problems hamper the process of settling claims efficiently and accurately. These include fraudulent claims, long processing times, inacurate damage assessments or cost implications.

Focusing On What Matters Most

The ClaimsDetective API offers a suite of features designed to streamline and enhance the claim assessment process.

Analyze user-uploaded images and detect possible tampering or forgery. Our sophisticated algorithm provides an additional layer of verification to enhance claim authenticity.

Harnessing the power of machine learning, our system inspects vehicle damage in pictures with exceptional accuracy. This feature helps to expedite the claim assessment process and reduce manual errors.



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